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Our Story



 Hey everyone 👋🏼 I’m Megg, the owner of Fable Baby Company. It’s been a while since I popped on here and it’s always nice to know there isn’t a 🤖 running our store. If you're new here, I’ll fill you in bit more about Fable.

  • I opened Fable in 2015. I only sold baby onesies and mainly sold at markets on the weekend.
  • The online store launched in 2016 and soon became my full-time job.
  • Then in 2017, I opened pre-orders for letter boards, which took off! The letter board craze hit SA in full force and it’s been so lovely seeing your photos and announcements using your boards. This community is one of a kind! 🙏🏼💕
  • Over the last year Andrew and my Mom, Glens have joined the team. Andrew makes sure the techy side of our store runs smoothly, helps me with numbers and reigns me in when I get too excited about doing a millions things at once. Glens, helps with packaging orders, managing the courier and keeps the coffee and tea flowing on busy days. ☕️
I have loved selling letter boards but my heart has always shifted towards bringing out tableware for little ones. Ever since I started Fable, its been on my product wish list. After sourcing samples and looking high and low, we finally found our little silicone gems. Lockdown and 2020 in general gave us the time and kick up the bum to get cracking on developing and launching the new range. The time felt right for change. Our first month has blown us away! Thank you for your support and feedback. The products will continue to evolve and your feedback helps to make this happen. 💛 We couldn’t do this without you. All my love, Megg.